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Oh Crab! (2024- WIP)

by Lewi Thute, William Zhou Larsen, Batu Alpas and Karina Zhou

'Oh Crab!' is our ongoing 3D-animated short at the California College of the Arts. This short is about a a disgruntled old fisherman who's an amputee, then one day he comes across a little crab who is also missing an arm. Seeing himself in this cute crab, he decided to rehabilitate it.


3D Animation Development


Here is a breakdown of one of shots I had the pleasure of animating. I completed the animation, lighting, camera, FX and compositing for the shot. Also, special thanks to Patricia Kavanaugh, Ron Smith, and Jeff Croke for providing tips and critique!


Blocking Pass


Spline Pass


Spline Pass 2


Final Animation + FX, Render & Comp


3D Rigging Development


For our film, I was responsible for 3D creature rigging. Below is our Crab's 3D rig, incorporating details needed to animate an arthropod. Textures and model were by Karina Zhou.


3D Environment Look-Development


These are our current render tests, tuning in the style and atmosphere of the world. I rendered these in Arnold Maya and composited with Founder's Nuke. As well as simulation tests for ocean-boat physics.

float test.gif

3D Asset Look-Development


These are some of the props and the main boat 3D Set that I textured for the short in Substance Painter. Models shown were by William Zhou Larsen


animation - Lewi Thute, William Zhou Larsen, Batu Alpas and Karina Zhou
character design - Karina Zhou

technical directors - Lewi Thute, William Zhou Larsen
modelling - William Zhou Larsen, Karina Zhou
rigging - Batu Alpas, Lewi Thute
texturing - lewi thute, William Zhou Larsen, Karina Zhou
visual development - Lewi Thute, Karina Zhou, Batu Alpas
camera and lighting - Lewi Thute, Batu Alpas

compositing - Lewi Thute


Mugshot (2023)

by Lewi Thute, William Zhou Larsen and Batu Alpas

'mugshot' is our Fall 2023 3D animated short completed at the California College of the Arts. This short follows Mug as he goes to get a haircut from a questionable barber...


3D Animation Process


Here is the progression of one of the shots I worked on in this short.


blocking pass 1


blocking pass 2






3D Asset and Environment Look-Development


These are some of the props textured and environment development focusing on a stylized painterly aesthetic. 


Props were given a hard brushstroke aesthetic by painting over brushstrokes to the mesh's normal map, creating rough edges that interact with lights.


These are early test renders I made exploring a 3D environment rendered in a painterly style. Hand-painted backgrounds are then projection mapped onto 3D geometry to get that unique brush stroke look.


3D Character Design


This is the character model sheet for Mug and the final textured turnarounds

download (1).png
Barber Turnaround_v001.gif
Mug Turnaround v002.gif
Mug_Closeup v003.png

animation - lewi thute, william zhou larsen, batu alpas
character design - lewi thute, batu alpas

technical director - lewi thute
modelling - william zhou larsen
rigging - batu alpas, lewi thute
texturing - lewi thute, william zhou larsen
visual development - lewi thute, batu alpas
camera and lighting - lewi thute



Attack on Titan: Declaration of War (2023)

This animation was inspired by a segment in 'Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 1'. Completed lighting, camera, textures, animation, rigging, FX and environment models. All rights reserved to their respective owners, this was a personal student project. 

Visual Development


A collection of WIP archives from throughout the project's timeline and a few model turnarounds


METH PENGz (2023)

'meth pengz' is an animated short made for fun in Blender and After Effects. Completed lighting, camera, animation, FX and animation. The penguin, car and briefcase model can be found on

Essem 3 (2023)

This is an abstract stop-motion animated short film for CCA's Stop-Motion Class. Being inspired by silhouette art and replacement animation. Made with DragonFrame and After Effects.

calm, it is calm. (2023)

'calm, it is calm' is another abstract stop-motion animated short film for CCA's Stop-Motion class. This short was a further exploration of the style and tone I experimented with in my short Essem 3. Made with DragonFrame and After Effects.

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