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Mugshot (2023)

by lewi thute, william zhou larsen and batu alpas

'mugshot' is our first 3rd-year animation thesis film at the California College of the Arts.
this short follows mug as he goes to get a haircut from a questionable barber...

'process photography'


animation - lewi thute, william zhou larsen, batu alpas
character design - lewi thute, batu alpas

technical director - lewi thute
modelling - william zhou larsen
rigging - batu alpas, lewi thute
texturing - lewi thute, william zhou larsen
visual development - lewi thute, batu alpas
camera and lighting - lewi thute


'animation development'


here is the progression of one of the shots I worked on in this short.


'story development'


'visual development'

art book.png

early test renders

mug Model Sheet.png
Mug_Closeup v003.png
Mug Turnaround v002.gif

'character design'

Barber Turnaround_v001.gif
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